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Additional Service Fees

Kioti Ck3510 HSE

Tractor on Site

There will be a flat rate of $200.00 to have this accessible on the jobsite.  If needed to remove any heavy items/debris, demolition purposes or any grading work.

(Pricing is separate from final price.



There will be a flat rate of $50 included in the final price, if having to go up any level of stairs throughout a home, townhouse, building/business.


Coming Inside

There will be a flat rate of $100.00 when coming inside to remove "anything" from a property/residence.  The $100 is already included in the final price quote for a job.

winch 1.jpg

Winch Fee

There will be a flat rate of $100 to bring out a winch, for removal or to recover any unwanted items such as

 lawn mowers, trailers, heavy items, etc.


Basement Pricing

These two price ranges will vary depending on the convenience or inconvenience, of how items will need to be removed!

  With Door:  $50

Without Door:  $100


Power Tools / Hand Tools

There will be a flat rate of $50 to bring out power tools/hand tools and use on any items that need to be broken down, dismantled or taken apart to remove inside/outside of a residence or business, or items that require sawing.  Ex: Chainsaws/Sawzalls, Drills, Grinders, Socket/Ratchets, etc.

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