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Hello, My name is Justin.  I grew up in the Prince George's County, MD area my whole life.  Attending local schools in Fort Washington/Temple Hills, MD.  I'm a graduate of Crossland High School (2014).  I learned at the early age of 15, that college wasn't for me.  I always wanted to be an entrepreneur and work for myself.  One day while riding home, I asked my father why are there so many trucks with trailers on the road?  He responded: Boy, they're out here hustling and making money!  Amazed by his response, I asked him what if I wanted to do something like that, would you support me?  He looked over at me, pauses then says "are your serious son?"  I said very serious, I want to do the same thing and learn how to make my own money.  Later that day he went home and talked it over with my mother about what we discussed and my intentions.



Later that week he gave me his riding lawn mower, brought me a brand new self propel push mower, weed trimmer and hand held blower.  Also, teaching me how to drive/maneuver trailers (starting out with a single axle 5 x 14 ft trailer).  Nonetheless at the early age of 15, I started learning how to do lawn care/maintenance.  He would assist teaching me all while helping me get established.  My mother helped sharpen my administration and business skills, to get me where I'm at today!  Both parents instilled in me at an early age about saving money, obtaining a savings account and teaching me about credit.  I must say, I'm thankful for all they've done my whole life and still doing!  I didn't get into the junk removal/hauling business until about 2016.  I was doing a clean-up cut for a client, who had a lot of junk all over the backyard.  They asked me would I be able to dispose of it?  I replied "no problem, I have the tools and equipment to get your yard looking uniform and normal again!  The client was very pleased with my services and even tipped me.  When I realized, how much money and opportunity there was in removing people's junk for them, I wanted to look more into it.  Learning about entering a "multi million" dollar business in my opinion is very exciting. 



To rap this story up, From 2016 - present I've constantly grown the junk removal side of my business.  I've gotten so heavy into it, I decided to give up regular lawn care and pursue this all the way!  I still hone my skills and will have them for a lifetime.  But, personally this field pays better and has more room to grow and expand.  I ended up making lawn care a secondary to my business now!  Haha, go figure that!   Oh yeah I forgot to mention, I formerly worked full- time with Park & Planning (M-NCPPC), all while growing my empire on the side.  I'm currently working with PG County (DPW&T).   Financial freedom and being your own boss is key!  It strives me to work harder and harder everyday, and to never give up on my goals and aspirations in life.  With that being said, I hope my backstory can inspire anyone young or old, child or adult!  If I can do it, you can as well!  Most important, keep God first and all your blessings will manifold unto you!

Take Care - Justin S.

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